TRIM in GetGlobalParametersFromFile" box


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it's nice that you can now put spaces in the .cfg files read by the "GetGlobalParametersFromFile" box (addition of the "trim" option), but the the trim is only done on the part that precedes the =
Is it on purpose ?



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Hi Marc,

Indeed You have to activate the trim manually.
The new "trim" option is here:

Marc TRim.png

This new option is enabled by default when you add a new "GetParametersFromFile" box in your Anatella graph. On the other hand, it must be manually activated for all the "GetParametersFromFile" boxes which were already "placed" in a graph before.

Why not activate the "trim" option directly all the time?

When we add a new option (which can potentially change the behaviour of a box), we always manage so that the "old" graphs contain to work exactly as before, for the sake of backward compatibility.

We are now at Anatella v2.90. In November, Microsoft changed a large part of Azure's APIs and the v2.90 update of Anatella aims to recover all features related to Azure (ie: OneDrive, Email, Sharepoint, PowerBI) that were temporarily lost due to those changes