Most common boxes/Actions?


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The extraction boxes

ana boxes 1.png

The automation boxes

ana boxes 2.png

ana boxes 3.png

The transformations boxes

ana boxes 4.png

ana boxes 5.png

ana boxes 6.png

ana boxes 7.png

ana boxes 8.png

ana boxes 9.png

ana boxes 10.png

ana boxes 11.png

ana boxes 12.png

ana boxes 13.png

ana boxes 14.png

ana boxes 15.png

ana boxes 16.png

ana boxes 17.png

ana boxes 18.png

A short summary of the main functions available:

[*]Operators: + - * / ^
[*]Comparison: ==, >, <, <=, >=, !=
[*]Logical: &&,||
[*]Condition: (x>a?”True”:”False”)
[*]Format: ftoa, atof, itoa
[*]Math: abs, floor, ceil, round, sum, max, min, sqrt…
[*]Char: right, left, substr, strlen, toupper, tolower, indexof…
[*]Special: isNull, nDaysInMonth,nvl
[*]Constants: _pi, _e, _n, _null


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the uniTestDemo file attached contains examples for various basic Anatella boxes.
Please note this graph is installed with Anatella by default.


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