Data integration with data from Google Analytics ?


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have you already integrated data from Google Analytics with Anatella?


The goal would be to link, in Anatella, data from "marketing campaigns" coming from this source (# visits to websites generating the influx of temporary candidates, etc.) with DWH internal data.

Ideally, GA data should be automatically exported to a server via an API:

Do you think it would be complicated to realize?


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There is already a box "GoogleAnalytics" in Anatella: It is here:


The "Description" field of the "GoogleAnalytics" box contains the documentation of the box that explains how to configure the box to connect to GoogleAnalytics.

The "GoogleAnalytics" box of Anatella is a box made in the Python language. To make it work, you need to install "Anaconda" ("Anaconda" is a Python code interpreter that lets you run all Python scripts). To install "Anaconda", the procedure is (no need for administrator rights):
1. Download the archive "" and unzip it (for example in "c: \ soft \ python").
2. In Anatella, open the "Addons" drop-down menu, select the "Configure Python Interface" option, click on the "browse" button and locate the "python36.dll" file in the "Anaconda" directory: see screenshot :