change data type box unexpected behaviour


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One of the boxes does not give me the behavior I expect


In the option I choose “set to null in case it is not a number.”


What happens:
Value result Expected result
85-GA03 85 null
GA03-85 null null
85 85 85

So if the value starts with something that is not a number, the conversion will change it to null. But if the value starts with a number it will take all the numbers until it meets a non-number value and uses this as the result.
I would like the result to be zero in any case of the presence of a non-number value.
What are your thoughts?

Sincerely JURRIT


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Hello Jurrit,
this is the expected behavior from Anatella.
This is to handle the very common situation where people want to convert "85€" or "85$" to the number 85.
To do the data-type-conversion in the exact way that you want: See the graph in attachment.
View attachment jurrit.anatella