Basic Anatella Guide


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Anatella is a data Transformation tool
known as an “ETL tool”, an acronym for “Extract, Transform and Load”
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Anatella is User-Friendly:
Most data-transformations are meta-data-free: you don’t need to care about the meta-type of a column. In this regard, Anatella is like MS-Excel: In MS-Excel, you don’t need to specify the data-type of your columns/cells, neither do you in Anatella. Anatella is only slightly more complex than MS-Excel.
Most data-transformations are code-free: You only need to connect "boxes":

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Easy to understand graphic interface accessible to non-programmers
Step-by-step logic; no coding required.

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Anatella has a user-friendly interface with no coding required.
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Data is Extracted, Transformed and Loaded in an easy intuitive way
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Building and running Anatella scripts = transform graphs composed of linked boxes using arrows
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Example of how to build a transformation graph

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Testing scripts for intermediate results

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Running a transformation graph

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