Anatella rounding


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Anatella rounds directly when we would need the result of the operation and not its rounding (see example below).


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Inside Anatella, there is no rounding anywhere (unless you use the "round()" function of the calculator, but that's normal). Especially if you use .gel_anatella files to save your data, you are guaranteed that everything is perfect, without any rounding.

On the other hand, when you export to a format external to Anatella, then there can be a loss of precision due to rounding.

In your email, you show a screenshot of Excel. By default, the output to an excel file is done without any rounding: This is visible through the parameter here:


This parameter is documented in section of the "AnatellaQuickUserGuide.pdf" (press F1 inside Anatella to read this PDF).

Also, by default, there is a little rounding when outputting to a text file (.csv or .txt) (because, otherwise, these files can get very large very quickly). You can see it here:

If you don't want any rounding in the .txt output, just choose %.16g (instead of %g) in this option.

Also since Anatella 2.76, the option to display in the "data preview" window all the columns with the "Float" meta-type with the maximum precision visible on the screen, I available. You have to choose the "%.16g" option here:



This way you can see that all calculations are done at maximum precision everywhere in Anatella (but it is generally less pleasant to read).