aggregated a column into a comma separated list or similar in a new column


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We are currently using Anatella to do a lot of data validation and checks for which we are producing reports, and generally we produce a report where we output all lines that fail a particular test. However this produces a lot of lines which makes the report hard to read at times, and ideally we would like to have an output that aggregates an ID or similar to a single row, so that each test only outputs a single row.

E.g. if we have 4 tests we would like something like this

Test Description Id Failed Test ID Type
Test 1 1,3,6,8 ID1
Test 2 ID2
Test 3 4,6,9 ID3
Test 4 7,10,15 ID3

We have tried to find a standard action that aggregates a column into a comma separated list or similar in a new column, i.e. the ID Failed Test column above. However we have not found any such action. Is anything available, just that we have not configured it correctly? Just wanted to check with you before trying to write our own action box for this.

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Great to hear from you!

I think that you are searching for the box named "concatString": see the example in the attachment.


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