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    Align files column based on header

    hi, I'd like to open a bunch of files but those csv files only have certain columns in common, is there a way to automatically align those based on their header?
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    GIT & version tracking

    Is it possible to track an Anatella graph version with git?
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    code in Python

    Can I code in Python in Anatella?
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    Extract HTML data

    Can the HTML be "online" and can we get a key that contains file_name, parsed_content ?
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    Extract HTML data

    is it possible to extract data from an HMTL?
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    Cobol: extract data and column name

    how can I extract data from Cobol and use the column name?
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    how can I calculate the cardinality in Anatella?
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    Anatella on MAC VM

    Hi, My colleague Anis is having trouble running Anatella on her MAc in a virtual machine. its seems the license key is not recognized ...
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    Concatenate Json string

    hi, I'd like to know how to concatenate json string in Anatella?
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    How to “Flatten/unflatten” Data in Anatella?
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    How to Social Network Analysis

    How to do Social Network Analysis (S.N.A.) with Anatella? :idea:
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    How to sample data?

    How to sample (select randomly) data in Anatella? :?:
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    language detection algorithm?

    What language detection algorithm uses Anatella?
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    parse a date

    How to parse a date in Anatella?
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    anatella in text format

    how to convert .gel_anatella in text format?
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    modeling errors? /Target Bias

    what are the common modeling errors? /What is the Target Bias? :idea:
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    Teradata Conexion

    How to connect to Teradata? :mrgreen:
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    Count and Filter Lines!?

    How to count within lines and filter them accordingly in Anatella? :arrow:
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    Can I perform "pivoting"in Anatella and how?

    How to do some “pivoting”in Anatella? :shock:
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    Can Anatella read JSON files?